Common Problems of Grapple Reinforcement in the Extended Arm of the Log Grabber

The extended arm of the wood grabber is a machine and equipment often used in the construction industry today. Because of its high work efficiency, it is generally warmly welcomed by everyone. Among them, the grab is the key component of the extended arm of the wood grabber, which determines the wood grabber. In the successful work of the extension arm, how to make the reinforcement of the wood grabber extension arm grab more durable is a problem that everyone often thinks about.

1. Lifting and maintenance at the root of the tooth

The lifting of the tooth root installation plate is necessary. If the lifting here is not good, the damage will be aggravated and the teeth of the grab bucket cannot be installed.

For the reinforcement of the tooth root mounting plate, two schemes can be adopted, one is to attach reinforcing ribs, and the other is to pack wear-resistant blocks. It should be noted that the practice of sticking reinforcing ribs is simple and economical, but when welding, be careful not to cause stitch welding with the welding of the tooth root, which will damage the compressive strength of the tooth root electric welding.

2. Side board and side lift

The strong damage of the side plate will reduce the reasonable bucket volume of the grab bucket and endanger the main production force. In addition, the side knife also has the actual effect of being conducive to the selection of raw materials and the maintenance of the side plate, so the grab bucket needs to be equipped with a side knife. Because the side is not a high damage area, the lifting of the side does not need to be too firm to prevent the overall net weight of the grab from being compromised.

3. The bottom plate is improved

If the base plate is upgraded, if the new mobile phone has to wait for the paint of the base plate to be worn off, then the reinforcement will be carried out. The actual effect of such electric welding is stronger. The reinforcing ribs of the bottom plate should be made of hard and wear-resistant long plates as raw materials. The overall appearance of the grab should be maintained to prevent damage to the selection angle and production capacity. The welding of the reinforcing ribs should follow the original machine ribs. Welding orientation, stitch welding on the two boards.

4. Lifting in the grab

The inner lifting can be applied by hard surface spray welding. Although the price is high and the time is long, its wear resistance and pertinence are strong, or you can choose to paste a part of the reinforcing ribs, but it is not suitable for too much.

In order to consider engineering projects, many wood grabbers are now modified with extended arms, but the reinforcement of grab buckets cannot be ignored. Only by grabbing the bucket can’t solve the problem, we can ensure the bill of quantities and improve the work efficiency.