How to clean the parts of the wood grabber? How much do you know?

Everyone knows that in the case of overhauling or maintaining the parts of the wood grabber, it is a must to carefully remove the oil stains and residues on the surface of the parts. The reason is relatively simple. Doing so will not only improve the quality of the wood grabber parts, but also More importantly, it can increase the service life of mechanical equipment.

However, when it comes to the actual maintenance process, many people are quick and convenient, and usually do not pay attention to the cleaning of the upgraded parts. In addition, the use of cleaning agents is unscientific and the cleaning method is not good, which will immediately cause initial damage and corrosion of the parts. Destruction is common.

The key to today's web editor is to summarize for everyone what are the areas that the bosses must clear as the top priority when repairing the parts of the wood grabber, diesel engine, and cleaning parts, and if there is a mistake in cleaning, what common failure problems will occur.

1. Overhaul the engine

Cylinder liner stairs, engine piston groove volume carbon, anchor bolt hole wall dirt, these parts are all "corners" that are easily overlooked by everyone. If such small places are not cleaned and tidy, it will cause insufficient bolt torque. , The engine piston is easy to break, and the cylinder gasket is burned and damaged by water and other initial damage symptoms.

2. Maintenance of wood grabber

Elimination of oil stains or residues such as diesel filters, oil filter elements, gear oil filter elements, diesel engine waterways, heat pipe radiator surfaces, and grease oil passages need to be cleaned immediately, and in the case of cleaning, care must be taken not to neglect areas. Net editing has already encountered many wood grabber masters who complained about the parts of the wood grabber that had just been repaired, and common faults such as car jams and black smoke from the exhaust pipe. In fact, the root cause of common faults is that they have not been removed. Well said components.

When it comes to carefully cleaning the parts of the wood grabber, then we have to talk about the cleaning agent. Don't think that the cleaning agent only has the simple effect of cleaning, but there are so many university questions about it!

When cleaning parts, excavator repair workers must use cleaning agents properly! In short, it is the cleaning of various parts. Different cleaning methods should be appropriately used according to the different regulations on cleanliness of components. Second, to avoid corrosion and rust of parts, especially for parts, all levels of corrosion or rust are not allowed.

Secondly, when cleaning, do not use alkaline cleaning agent (especially strong acid cleaning agent) to clean aluminum alloy profile parts (such as aluminum alloy profile cylinder head, etc.), let alone use strong alkali cleaning agent to clean copper parts ( Such as diesel engine water temperature sensor) to minimize the corrosion of components and ensure the service life of components.

After the net weaving, pay attention to the aluminum alloy profile parts and copper parts are not suitable for cleaning in partial alkali or acid-base cleaning agent. wash together.

When it comes to overhauling the parts of the wood grabber, the common questions and university questions about the cleaning of each part will be introduced here in detail for everyone. The maintenance of the wood grabber parts is a delicate job, and cannot tolerate a single gravel and a trace of it. Careless! So you must take this as a warning!