The wood grabber manufacturer will explain to you the reasons for the abnormal noise of the engine and the solutions

1. The gap between the piston rod and the cylinder wall of the diesel engine of the wood grabber is too large, or the cylinder liner is installed too tightly, or the gap between the diesel engine tappet and the guide hole is too large.

2. The crankshaft is broken, the cylinder liner is loose, or it is caused by the cracking of the timing gear of the engine camshaft of the diesel engine or the loosening of the fixed nut.

3. The crankshaft bearing is loose, the piston pin is burnt or the specifications are not met and rotates, the engine crankshaft bearing is loose or the piston pin is burnt, the cylinder liner is broken, and the crankshaft of the wood grabber engine is broken.

4. Because the engine piston knocks the cylinder, or because the crankshaft bearing is loose, it may also be because the engine piston leaks steam, etc.

5. The sleeve of the cylinder liner is loose, the cone of the skirt of the piston rod is too large, the cylinder liner is protruding, the anchor bolt of the crankshaft bearing cap is too loose, or the aluminum alloy of the crankshaft piston pin is burnt and melted off.

6. The crankshaft bearing of the engine is loose.

7. The gap between the piston rod of the wood grabber and the cylinder wall is large, or the diesel engine.

Abnormal sound of crankshaft and vibration of diesel engine: Excessive radial clearance of engine crankshaft causes abnormal sound. Re-install the bearing and replace it to remove the abnormal sound.

Abnormal noise of the main bearing, vibration of the diesel engine: the main bearing journal and the bearing are loosely matched with each other, the main bearing is burnt due to poor lubrication, the crankshaft of the engine is bent or the radial clearance is large.

Abnormal noise of engine idling, clanging sound at low and medium speed: poor lubrication or poor mutual coordination of bearings, poor bearing quality or too loose installation clearance, excessive deformation of the bearing sheet causing the aluminum alloy to fall, crankshaft motor shaft Out of round, loose with bearings.

Abnormal sound of the timing gear of the excavator: the timing gear is damaged or improperly installed, the tooth engagement gap is too large or too small, the axis of the engine crankshaft and the engine camshaft are not parallel, the engine camshaft timing gear is loose or poorly lubricated , The engine camshaft timing gear transmission gear is broken or the transmission gear is axially cracked.

Abnormal sound of the cylinder foot of the diesel engine of the wood grabber: The parts of the cylinder transmission mechanism are damaged or poorly adjusted, the cylinder clearance is too large, and the cylinder transmission mechanism lacks lubrication.

The diesel engine squeaks and the hydraulic tappet of the wood grabber makes abnormal noise: the oil level of the engine is too high or too low, there is a lack of grease in the hydraulic tappet, and the hydraulic tappet is invalid.