The advantages of the wood grabber and the demand during the running-in period

The wood grabber has a streamlined design and is unique. The national brand diesel engine is selected, with powerful driving force, reliable in work, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. During the work, the equipment is fully automatic, and the electronic computer is used for reliability design and high work efficiency. The new sealed car cab, Grammer seat, can be equipped with heating and air conditioning, and the actual operating environment is more comfortable. It can be equipped with wooden forks, pitchforks, increased buckets, etc. to consider various working conditions

The advantages of the wood grabber are high rated loading quality, high bucket volume, high dumping aspect ratio, total bucket width, good stubborn force, large wheelbase, large wheelbase, small ground clearance, and the The equipment is light in quality, low in power and compact in size.

Due to the hazards of processing, installation and adjustment of new machine parts such as wood grabbers, the friction surface is not smooth, the total contact area of ​​the mutual mating surfaces is small, and the pressure on the surface is uneven. During the whole process of the machine's operation, the convex and concave parts on the surface of the parts rub against each other, and the metal material slag that has fallen off is used as a wear-resistant material to participate in the friction again, which speeds up the wear of the mating surfaces of the parts. Therefore, it is very easy to cause the wear of components during the running-in period, and the wear rate is faster. At this time, if it is overloaded, it will cause damage to the parts and cause common failures in the early stage.

The running-in period is a key step to ensure the normal operation of the wood grabber and the fork, reduce the repair rate and increase its service life. However, at this stage, some customers ignore the unique technical standards of the running-in period of new mobile phones because they lack the basic knowledge of the application of fork wood grabbers, or because of rushing the construction period, or wanting to make profits as soon as possible. Some customers even feel that, in short, the manufacturer has a warranty period, and the manufacturer is responsible for overhauling if the machine is broken. Therefore, the machine is overloaded for a long time during the running-in period, resulting in frequent failures in the initial stage of the machine, which not only endangers the normal use of the machine. , reduces the service life of the machine, and also jeopardizes the construction progress due to the destruction of the machine.