How to replace the hydraulic pump bearing of the wood grabber?

The bearing for the hydraulic oil pump of the wood grabbing machine is an important component. If the bearing has a backlash, it cannot ensure all the normal clearances of the three pairs of friction pairs inside the hydraulic oil pump of the wood grabber machine, and it will also destroy the hydrostatic support of each friction pair. The oil slick on the plate is thin and thick, reducing the service life of the gear pump bearing. According to the materials provided by the hydraulic oil pump manufacturer of the wood grabber, the average service life of the bearing is 10,000h, and if it exceeds this value, it must be replaced with a new one.

For the disassembled bearing, it is impossible to detect the backlash of the bearing without technical professional testing equipment. Only use estimation. If you find that the roller surface has scratches or discoloration, it must be replaced.

When replacing the bearing, you should pay attention to the English letters and model specifications of the original bearing. Most of the gear pump bearings use large-load volume bearings, choose the original manufacturer, the original specification and model products, if you replace another well-known brand, you should Ask the staff who have work experience on the bearing to check the table and exchange, the purpose is to maintain the accuracy level and load volume of the bearing.

The oil change process of the wood grabber should first drain the hydraulic oil in the electronic mailbox of the hydraulic machine, add new hydraulic oil after cleaning and tidy the fuel tank of the car, and then remove the secondary main pipe, start the diesel engine and run in a slump, so that the gasoline pump is working, each Control each organization, rely on hydraulic oil to discharge the old oil in the control circuit one by one, until the oil return main pipe has new oil to discharge, connect the wood grabber oil return main pipe to the car oil tank, and fill the car oil tank with new hydraulic oil to You can request parts.

Naturally, changing the oil of the wood grabber also has its shortcomings. Let’s say a small forklift with a pilot. When the oil is changed in this way, when the speed is first, the pilot steam pressure will be 35kg. Just start the equipment, the pilot oil (the The oil that has just been changed) arrives at the oil return pipe, even if three barrels of hydraulic oil are prepared in advance, it may not be enough. In addition, there is not only one oil return pipe, and it needs to be disassembled one by one, which is very inconvenient to do one by one.