Bearing rust prevention scheme and oil change scheme during the use of marine cranes

In construction machinery such as marine cranes, the bearing is an important component. It can even be said that the state of the bearing directly affects its working efficiency and even its service life. In addition to the wear of the bearing itself, rust is also one of the problems it faces. Therefore, to prevent the bearing from rusting, we also need to pay attention to it. We can prevent the bearing from rusting and take various anti-rust measures.

1. Surface cleaning: When cleaning, choose an appropriate method according to the nature of the anti-rust material and the situation at that time.

2. After the surface is dry and cleaned, it can be dried with filtered dry compressed air.

3. Impregnation method: Some small items are dipped in anti-rust oil, and the surface is coated with a layer of anti-rust oil.

Brushing method: When brushing, pay attention not only to avoid accumulation, but also to prevent leakage.

5. Spray method: For spray method, solvent-diluted anti-rust oil or thin-layer anti-rust oil can be used, but perfect fire prevention and labor protection measures must be taken.

No matter which method, I hope everyone can find a more suitable method according to their own situation to cut off the necessary conditions for rust, so rust prevention is no longer a problem.

As we all know, the gear oil of marine cranes should be replaced in time. Since the gear oil is used for a long time, if it is not replaced immediately, it will cause serious damage. Dock crane manufacturers should use marine cranes to reflect the after-sales service situation every year according to the feedback. , The high information content of the maintenance level is because the gear oil will not be replaced with a new tanker for a long time, which will cause serious damage. The marine crane manufacturer should use the marine crane to reflect the after-sales service situation every year according to the feedback. The information content of the maintenance level is high. How to change oil?

1. Upgrade the gear oil of the marine crane, pull out the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil filter, remove the main pipeline completely, clean the car fuel tank and oil filter, and use the cleaning equipment to clean the car fuel tank and remove it. Solid particles, such as the cleaned car oil tank, should be dried, reuse the special gear oil for cleaning the car oil tank, and then release it fully and neatly to clean the dry conditions of the car oil tank and be able to introduce a new gear oil tank to the car.

2. Start the diesel engine and ensure the working state of the gasoline pump at a lower operating rate. All the actual operation of the terminal cranes and the introduction of new gear oil will cause each circulation system in the software to discharge the old oil and make the old oil. Exhaust, the old oil can not enter the car fuel tank immediately, when the master oil pump is filled with new hydraulic oil, the gasoline pump can stop rotating. The hoist's petrol pump sucks the empty fuel tank.

3. Ensure that the oil tank of the car and the oil pipe of the pump are properly connected, and the crane can be set up to work, and the oil level and liquid level can be input into the tanks of various parts of the tanker. All processes must be operated by professionals, and if the standard conditions permit, by professional technicians On-site guidance to ensure that the oil change of the marine crane goes smoothly.