The manufacturer of the wood grabber talks about 3 ways to decontaminate the fuel tank

In the rapid development trend of the period, various special-purpose industrial equipment in the manufacturing industry has produced huge new conveniences for everyone in the production and manufacturing theme activities, but after the long-term application of machinery and equipment, the machinery and equipment of wood grabber manufacturers are in It is inevitable that some problems will arise. Oil stains in the fuel tank are one of the common reasons. Too much oil stains will harm the working quality of the wood grabber. Therefore, it is very effective to grasp the common methods of decontamination of the wood grabber oil tank. The manufacturer of the wood grabber has summarized three ways to decontaminate the fuel tank for everyone.

Clean the diesel box of the wood grabber with boiling water, then compress and dry it with air to eliminate the diesel steam inside, and then put the diesel box into the solution with 0.1 sodium hydroxide solution to soak it. Wash the inside and outside of the diesel tank with cold water after soaking.

2. Steam method

Drain the diesel oil, remove the fuel tank, then fill the diesel tank with more than half of the water, and guide the steam into the water from the fuel inlet with a hose, so that the water in the diesel tank boils up and down for 1 hour. In that way, the collagen fibers adhering to the inner wall of the tank and the residual diesel molecular structure can be dissolved in the water. Light-quality dirt floats on the river and is washed away. This lasts for 2 times, and the diesel tank can be cleaned and tidy.

3. Blowing method

That is, keep a part of the diesel oil in the fuel tank, and then put the plastic hose of 19.6-29.4k high-definition Pa air compression into the bottom of the fuel tank, make the diesel oil roll and clean it up, and continue to change the position and position of the lower end of the bronchus so that all the fuel tanks are cleaned. Immediately after purging, release the diesel fuel from the fuel tank. If the diesel fuel discharged is dirty, use the above method to clean it again until the released oil has no residue.