How is the high water temperature of the wood grabber engine caused?

The high water temperature of the wood grabbing machine is a difficult problem often encountered by many wood grabbing machine teachers. What is the cause of this common fault? Here is a summary of several aspects to analyze the reasons for the high water temperature of the wood grabbing machine:

1. During the long-term operation of the wood grabber, it is difficult to avoid a lot of sundries and dust falling into the surrounding of the engine. Therefore, habitual inspection and removal of sundries near the equipment can help to reduce the water temperature of the engine.

2. If the fan is working normally, check whether the transmission belt of the transmission system is loose. If the transmission belt of the transmission system is too loose or too tight, the water temperature will rise rapidly.

3. There is wood in front of the cooling tower, which is blocked by sundries, which hinders the fluidity of heat pipe heat dissipation gas. Too much oil stain on the surface of the engine will also endanger the heat pipe heat dissipation.

4. The water flow is too small or the water storage tank has leakage marks. It is in the daily maintenance work. If the water temperature is high, you should also check whether the water circulation system is normal. The inspection method is to touch whether the temperature between the inlet pipe of the heat pipe radiator and the sewer pipe is not large. If the temperature difference is very large, you should check whether the centrifugal water pump is not working normally or the water temperature sensor cannot be opened.

5. There are stains in the waterway, resulting in reduced water output. Cleaning the chiller for a period of time is also one of the new maintenance items.

6. The amount of automobile engine oil also endangers the water temperature, which should be maintained in the basic category.

7. Proper application of antifreeze. If your machine evaporates after adding antifreeze, it indicates that you are not adding ethylene glycol antifreeze. Because the melting point of real ethylene glycol antifreeze can reach 105-110 degrees, which is higher than the boiling point of water, it is not easy to evaporate casually.

8. If it is a fully computer-controlled machine, there is too much or too small oil like the gasoline pump, or the angle of view of the oil pump is wrong, which is also very easy to lead to high water temperature.

9. The broken water tank cover of the wood grabber also causes the water temperature to rise. Due to the broken water tank cover, it will easily cause the water inlet in the case of the water circulation system. Therefore, the water temperature will be higher.

10. The engine load of the wood grabber, too late ignition and overweight output power of the master pump of the hydraulic press will also lead to high water temperature.