Items to be checked before operation of marine crane

1. Before the operation of marine crane: operate without load and check whether all parts of the equipment are normal. Clamp the soft and soft change rope to the appropriate position, and tighten the medium change rope. Carefully check the hooks, wire ropes, devices, etc. on the equipment. If there are hidden dangers, clean them in time before operation.

2. During the operation of marine crane: when lifting goods once, the pre lifting test shall be carried out first, and then the normal operation shall be carried out after confirmation. In addition, its operators should also remember the "ten no lifting" principle of lifting operation and strictly regulate ship lifting operation. Overload work is prohibited. Special tools shall be used for hoisting and leveling machinery, and protective measures shall be taken.

Suspenders (double suspenders) are not allowed without permission. It is forbidden to take the motor car on the front of the suspension hook and off the line. The interior of a ship The inclination cannot exceed 3 degrees. Before handling the crane, the belt conveyor shall be discharged with coal and can only be moved after stopping to check whether the control line of the door box is damaged. If the marine crane is damaged, the electrician shall be notified immediately. It is not allowed to deal with it.

3. After operation: first turn to the overhead belt conveyor, and then remove the coal pocket. For the marine crane for lifting operation, pay attention to the crane. Place the controller in the position and cut off the power supply. In addition, the operator of the marine crane shall do a good job in the daily maintenance of the crane and prepare for the next shift. Quickly cut off the power supply and place the cable reel of the switch box at the designated position.