Is the inflexibility of the grab arm caused by the use of the wood grabbing machine the machine reason or the operation factor

The flexibility of the two arms of the wood grabber is not high, and the accuracy of the wood grabber is not high, which is directly related to the hydraulic parts and hydraulic valves used by the wood grabber.

Friends who understand the hydraulic system may understand it faster. Different hydraulic components and valves have different functions on the wood grabber. Good accessories will certainly strengthen various actions of the equipment, otherwise it will affect the flexibility of the whole machine.

The wood grabber is hydraulically driven for clamping and handling. It is generally practical in mountains, forest farms and other places. There are many wood grabbing machines, which are refitted according to long-term professional needs. After refitting, the adaptability of cargo handling is stronger, the efficiency will be greatly improved, and the stability can also provide stronger guarantee.

The use of machinery is affected by multiple systems, and the problems of a certain part will affect the overall operation efficiency.

Conduct the following investigation and Analysis on the failure phenomenon of weak grasping of the wood grabber:

Check whether the hydraulic oil level meets the standard, whether the filter element is blocked and whether the oil brand meets the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it shall be solved first. Then, observe whether the oil temperature is too high during operation. If it is too high, check the hydraulic oil cooling system, find out the cause and eliminate it. Measure the working pressure of working parts and compare it with the standard value to make judgment.

After finding the faulty parts, do not easily replace them with new ones, because some parts are not damaged and can continue to be used after cleaning; Some have repair value and can be reused after repair. Therefore, when troubleshooting, pay attention not to replace in a hurry, and fully consider whether the root cause of the fault is really eliminated due to replacement.

In addition to troubleshooting and replacing parts, it should also consider that all parts of the system, even the oil tank, will have metal fragments. If not cleaned, the machine will be damaged again. Therefore, before replacing the hydraulic system, oil tank and filter element, it is necessary to clean the pressure oil and filter element.

We are also very careful when choosing various accessories of the wood grabber. Take the manual valve of jib crane as an example. Most of the manual valves are special multi-channel valves. The flow of multi-channel valve is 60L / min, and the liquid flow channel is eight circuits. The valve is equipped with superimposed overload protection valve on some circuits to avoid damage and mechanical failure of hydraulic oil pipe and hydraulic cylinder caused by overload during equipment operation. The hydraulic valve of the wood grabber has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small valve core gap and excellent valve core material, which ensures the smooth operation of the hydraulic system. Low operation intensity, less internal unloading, reliable pressure holding and long service life.