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Brick Grabbing Crane


Product Details

The hydraulic crane arm head is equipped with brick clamps, and different sizes of clamps are selected according to the different specifications of bricks produced by customers, which can realize the transfer of concrete aerated bricks, red bricks, curbs, high-speed public baffles, and building bricks. ;Brick clamps are connected by pins and boom arm heads or wire rope hooks. No oil pipe connection is required, the clamping force is automatically adjusted by the weight of the clamped object itself, and the operation is easy to release without manual assistance. Self-hoisting and unloading. It is convenient and fast to work; because the production process, size and hardness of the brick factory are different, the brick fixture can be customized according to each customer, which reduces the damage rate during the handling process and greatly improves the work efficiency and profit of the business. .



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