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25 meters high spray fire truck boom JP25


Product Details

maximum lift height 25m
Maximum working radius 13.6m
Hydraulic system rated pressure 18MPa
Hydraulic system rated flow 45L/min
Rotation angle 360° full rotation
Maximum luffing angle of lower arm 75°
Maximum luffing angle of upper arm 150°
Outrigger form H-type double-chamber telescopic outriggers
Outrigger span 4800*5950
Outrigger leveling type Manual leveling
Boom safety limit Electro-hydraulic limit
Remote control method CAN bus control
Boom control form Limited remote control + remote control
water system diameter 100mm
Hydraulic tank volume 220L
Lifting mechanism weight 4500kg
Mountable Chassis Models North Benz 2546PY/6x4
Haolu ZZ1257M4347C
Isuzu CAX34T


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