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Ground Anchor Drill Pipe


Product Details

The jib head of the hydraulic crane is equipped with a swivel cobalt rod. Cobalt heads of different materials and different diameters can be selected according to the requirements, which can realize drilling in soil, mountains, deserts, cement, and rocks; mainly used in the power industry, commercial Expressway, petroleum industry, Tiejing tunnel, etc. After drilling, install various equipment according to Luqiu. The spiral cobalt skewer is connected through the pin shaft and the former head of the boom. The oil is connected by a push-in connector. One person can easily install or disassemble in a short time, and it is convenient and quick to work; the drill bit of the helical cobalt rod is not only strong but also easy to replace. work efficiency.


model Suitable for crane tonnage maximum speed maximum torque flow momentary pressure Drilling tool outer diameter D
FMJ-4000 2 tons - 3 tons 68r/min 4000NM 75L/Min 310bar ∅75mm~∅200mm
FMJ-6000 4 tons-5 tons 48r/min 6000NM 150L/Min 310bar ∅300mm~∅800mm
FMJ-8000 6 tons-8 tons 42r/min 8000NM 150L/Min 310bar ∅300mm~∅91400mm
FMJ-10000 8 tons - 10 tons 40r/min 10000NM 150L/Min 310bar ∅300mm~∅91400mm


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