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Electric motor hydraulic station


Product Details

Electric motor wave pressure power station is a device that provides power for hydraulic cranes. It is mainly composed of electric motor, electrical control cabinet, coupling, oil pump, pump frame, hydraulic oil tank, base, and dust cover. At the same time, remote accessories such as radiators, hand pumps, etc. can be added. Mainly used in railway engineering, tunnel engineering, ships, docks and other places to provide power for wrapping cranes.


model Motor Power Rotating speed Electric system Oil pump displacement flow pressure Fuel tank capacity Adapter Crane
FMD-11 11kw 1450r/min 380V 50Hz 20ml/r 25L/min 20MPa 100L 2 tons - 3 tons
FMD-15 15kw 1450r/min 380V 50Hz 25ml/r 35L/min 20MPa 100L 4 tons-5 tons
FMD-18 18.5kw 1450r/min 380V 50Hz 32ml/r 45L/min 20MPa 100L 5 tons - 6 tons
FMD-22 22kw 1450r/min 380V 50Hz 40ml/r 55L/min 20MPa 100L 8 tons - 10 tons



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