An explanation of the stability and fixity of marine cranes

There are more and more types of ships. It can effectively develop large-scale special loading and unloading machinery in operation, and to a certain extent, it meets the needs of large-scale ships, bulk transportation, and container transportation. Ship cranes are a kind of general purpose developed in modern society. Equipment, in use, sometimes multiple equipments are required to run at the same time. If this happens, it is easy to cause accidents. When approaching two marine cranes or spreaders, drivers need to whistle to warn each other. Then, let's learn about disembarkation. Stability and stability of the hoist!

When the ship is operating at night, it must be operated under bright lights. The driver must pay attention when working, and the driver must not leave the cab during the operation, and the driver must not leave the working position during the transportation by crane.

The driver must strictly abide by the duty system. Do not work, and work no more than 8 hours. The glass in the cab should be flat and clean, without affecting the driver's line of sight, and the rotation speed is slow and cannot be rotated quickly.

When operating a ship, you need to pay attention to basic common sense. The key to running multiple devices at the same time is to minimize their collisions, so as to effectively control the occurrence of accidents. You can also operate effectively based on actual operating experience.

After the project is completed, people who generally use marine cranes have to put them on hold for a long time. In this way, the equipment needs to be maintained, pay attention to cleaning when using it, and do a good job of anti-rust work on the equipment.

The rods of marine cranes can be divided into light and heavy. Below 10 tons are light rods, and above 10 tons are medium rods. Lifting weight depends on the purpose of the vessel. The single-rudder control weight is 10 tons of 10,000-ton dry cargo ships, and the double-rudder control can reach 5 tons. Large dry cargo ships usually have four light poles in each hold. Heavy cranes are used to load large-scale machinery, locomotives, vehicles and other large cargoes. There are 1 to 2 for general cargo ships, and two light cranes for each cargo hold of general dry cargo ships.

For inspection of marine cranes, it is necessary to confirm whether the entire surface is covered with a coating film. When the coating film of the metal structure is found to be damaged during the inspection, it is necessary to clean these damaged parts, and effectively apply anti-rust paint such as anti-rust paint.

When loading and unloading trucks, the span of the marine crane is large, but it is hoped that the boom should not be too long, and a mobile rotating crane is generally used. There are two types of mobile rotary cranes, one is horizontal movement along the ship, and the other is vertical movement.

When the ship is hoisted, it is mainly used for continuous operation in the port, and the workload is large during the operation. In this way, you can do various tasks and complete a series of tasks, and users can also choose the appropriate configuration according to their needs.

The ship crane needs to be kept fixed during use. The whole equipment adopts a cantilever type, adopts a four-point rotating support mechanism, and is equipped with a compensation device, which can move horizontally to ensure the speed and efficiency of the full-width speaker.

The utility model has the advantages of novel structure, stable operation, simple and convenient operation, no failure rate of the whole equipment, suitable for operation with no width, full rotation speed, and basically no failure. The fixed rack horn adopts rack horn, frequency conversion control, and reliable operation of the mechanism.

The above is the stability and fixation of the ship spreader. The lubrication of the crane accessories must be regularly checked and maintained according to the lubrication instructions. The auxiliary lubricant is used for lubrication during operation, which can prevent the parts from being seriously damaged during normal operation to a certain extent. wear. The bearing device of the marine crane must be installed. To achieve its effect, the size must be considered first. It must be repaired immediately after wear and replaced when the wear is serious. The marine crane industry reduces labor intensity, greatly improves labor efficiency, reduces operating costs, and more. Complete construction tasks well.