How should small and medium-sized wood grabbing machines be used in high-temperature natural environment

In hot summer, due to the harm of natural environment temperature, it will bring many difficulties to the application of small and medium-sized wood grabber. For example, the "cardiovascular" component diesel engine of the whole equipment, because of the rise of temperature, the viscosity of engine oil decreases, and the actual effect of lubrication decreases, which weakens the driving force, and the internal parts are also very easy to be damaged. It is a common fault. Therefore, in summer, under the condition of doing a good job in the maintenance of small and medium-sized wood grabbing machines, it is necessary to carefully carry out the maintenance of diesel engines, so that small and medium-sized wood grabbing machines can be applied in high-temperature weather conditions and increase the service life of the whole equipment.

1. The engine oil and lubricating grease of all parts must be replaced with edible oil in summer. Often check whether there is oil leakage.

2. The battery liquid shall be filled immediately, the current shall be moderately reduced, the brittle route shall be replaced immediately, the volume of the safety pipe shall meet the application regulations, and the machinery and equipment shall be equipped with fire extinguishers at will.

3. Check the transmission belt of centrifugal water pump cooling fan transmission system. After the transmission belt is often used in summer, it will cause fatigue and deformation and reduce the actual effect of refrigeration. When replacing the transmission belt, pay attention to the model, specification and length, and properly adjust the tightness.

4. Often check the efficiency of the braking system of the whole equipment, so as to deal with and eliminate the common faults of the braking system in time and reduce the hidden dangers.

5. Always pay attention to the myopia degree of the water temperature. When it is 100 ℃ or above, effective measures should be taken immediately. You can park in a nearby and cool place and wait for the speed to reduce the temperature. The key is not to stop the fire immediately, so as to avoid the engine cylinder pulling accident caused by the internal overheating of the diesel engine.

6. When working outside, it is not necessary to make the skew angle of small and medium-sized wood grabber exceed 15 °, so as to prevent the upper structure from penetrating into the water and damaging the heat pipe radiator. The chain rail tensioning hydraulic cylinder should also be often loose and firm to remove the sludge on the hydraulic cylinder and avoid the corrosion of the hydraulic cylinder.

7. In the hot weather in summer, drivers consume a lot of energy and are prone to fatigue. They can't make do with excessive fatigue driving. They should ensure adequate sleep and work more efficiently.

The driver of the wood grabber and the industrial equipment of the project must be adjusted immediately to achieve the expected situation and survive the summer heat.