Introduction to the use and function of small ship crane

Marine crane ship, also known as small boat crane ship, usually refers to this kind of equipment or machinery to load goods from the ship. Ship lifting appliances mainly include lifting devices, deck cranes and other auxiliary loaders. Due to the particularity of the hull, his small marine crane generally has a lifting capacity of less than 10 tons. Like other truck cranes, this type of ship hoisting equipment has several parts, such as boom, gear rotary table, reducer, winch and so on. It is usually powered by the crane's own motor and winch to drive the 360 degree rotation of the turntable or the expansion and contraction of the steel wire rope in the crane, so as to play the role of lifting goods.

Usually, our common small marine crane ships are mainly used for lifting and unloading inland rivers, lakes or offshore ships. At present, there are mainly boom, steel wire rope, winch, etc. in recent years, some offshore fishery aquaculture or lake aquaculture also often use ship crane - it can be seen that small ship crane is not only loading and unloading ship, loading and unloading ship, crane ship and small ship crane. It is widely used in other fields of ships, such as underwater rescue and various marine fish operations, and its application scope is expanding day by day.

A little bigger than the small boat crane is the cargo ship crane. The cargo crane can carry out loading and unloading operations between shore ships, ships, ships and ships. It has the characteristics of small weight, small floor area, high work efficiency, stable operation, flexible steering and convenient maintenance. Due to the frequent operation in inland river and lake bottom, flexible steering, stable operation and maintenance must be the remarkable characteristics of small cargo ship crane. This kind of small cargo ship generally operates in inland river or lake bottom. In fact, the requirements for lifting capacity are not particularly high, but what customers often require is stable operation and easy maintenance. Especially in some projects, sand digging machinery, sand unloading and lifting operations, as well as lifting cage and other operations are used. Flexible direction change, stable operation and convenient maintenance can further reveal the importance of the crane.

Seaport hoisting machinery is generally used in high-altitude operations built in some ports, such as dock, workshop, ship shore, ship shore, etc.

Small marine crane has the characteristics of self weight, small floor area, high working efficiency and stable operation. With the continuous take-off and development of economy, water transportation has also become a large and unique mode of transportation. Whether it is a variety of ports or docks, they have gradually become more and more busy, and even become the destination of goods. Therefore, when loading or unloading, the importance of wharf crane is particularly prominent.

In addition to loading and unloading, such important loading and unloading tools are mainly used for port construction and small ship construction. Especially in the engineering construction of some ports, wharf hoisting machinery usually plays a very important role. The ordinary wharf crane has high efficiency, large lifting capacity, retractable boom and large winch tonnage. Oil and electricity dual-purpose, small floor area, stable work and high work efficiency.

For small marine crane manufacturers, the small tonnage is called wharf crane and the larger tonnage is called port crane. There is no difference between the two. It is an ideal tool for loading and unloading at some ports or terminals.