What's the matter? What's the working principle of the steel grabbing machine

Steel grabbing machine is a kind of engineering mechanical equipment evolved from excavator for material loading, unloading and transportation. Grab machine is widely used in the field of material handling. According to different working devices, it can be used to grab scrap steel, logs, coal, bulk materials, reeds, etc. Among them, the grab machine specially used for scrap loading, unloading, transfer and feeding is the grab machine.

With the continuous development of national economy and the continuous improvement and progress of industrial level, the state pays more and more attention to green development and material recycling. Scrap reuse, scrap utilization rate in the field of steel-making continues to improve, and scrap usage continues to increase. The traditional manual loading and unloading, gantry crane, crane Distribution suction cup loading and unloading, slow loading and unloading efficiency, high labor cost, unsafe operation and other reasons are far from meeting the current needs of scrap loading and unloading.

Although they are similar in length, there are still significant differences between the steel grabbing machine and the traditional excavator equipment, and its working device is greatly different. The boom stick form of the traditional excavator is mainly to achieve the excavation capacity of the excavator, and the action range is more inclined to work below the horizontal plane, while the steel grabbing machine generally adopts the form of straight boom curved stick, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting, lifting the loading and unloading height and expanding the working range. The working device at the front end of the steel grabbing machine is also different from the bucket of traditional excavator. Generally, 4-petal or 5-petal plum blossom grab bucket and electromagnetic suction cup are used, which is conducive to the use of irregular materials such as steel grabbing.

Steel grabbing machine (Lotus steel grabbing machine) refers to steel grabbing machine, which is generally evolved from hydraulic excavator. The large and small arms of the steel grabbing machine are commonly known as the steel grabbing machine, which is generally long. The front end is the steel grabbing machine, that is, the grabbing pliers, also known as plum blossom hydraulic grab and orange petal grab. Lotus grabs and understands the Grand View of intelligent manufacturing. Its main function is to grab and load various materials such as waste metal, industrial waste, gravel, construction waste and domestic waste. Therefore, lotus grasping plays an important role in handling and loading and unloading heavy objects.

Working principle of lotus Grab:

Lianhua grab is an effective tool for dealing with large irregular materials such as scrap steel, pig iron, ore and garbage.

Hydraulic lotus grab (steel grabbing machine) is a device used together with the bucket. Through the fixed hinge seat, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic grab, hydraulic oil pipe and the supporting hydraulic integrated control circuit, the opening and closing movement of the hydraulic grab is controlled through the control handle, which can cooperate with the transportation of fixed heavy objects, such as stone head, wood, metal waste and other large objects, making up for the single function that the bucket can only dig.

Through low-cost transformation, the excavator has the function of grasping heavy objects, which expands the use space and occasions of the excavator. Compared with the excavator, the reconfiguration of grab saves one third of the use cost. The hydraulic grab and excavator can control the movement separately, which makes the use space more flexible and the operation more convenient. When excavation is needed, the hydraulic grab can be retracted without affecting the excavation operation. The use that needs to be used has the function of grasping, which is not clever use and twice the result with half the effort.

There are four petals and five petals, rotation and non rotation. The connection mode is divided into fixed and swing. The non rotating grab adopts the oil pipe of excavator bucket cylinder, and there is no need to add hydraulic valve and pipeline. A set of hydraulic valves and pipelines shall be added to the rotary grab for control.

Lotus steel grabbing machine, also known as steel grabbing machine, is designed for grabbing bulk or massive materials such as stone, scrap metal and domestic garbage. When the five grabs (four grabs) are fully opened, the diameter of the grabbing machine can reach 2m. The steel grabbing machine recognizes the intelligent appearance. The hydraulic five flap (four flap) steel grabbing machine can use the oil circuit of the bucket oil pipe without additional pipes. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and the actual work efficiency is high.