[wood grabber accessories] do you know how to deal with smoking in the whole process of application?

In describing the cause of the abnormality found in the accessories of smoke wood grabbing machine, the original text tells you how to deal with failure and solve the problem of smoke. A wide range of structures for overhauling the wood grabber include power unit, working machinery and equipment, rotating mechanism, control mechanism, transmission mechanism, self-locking mechanism and auxiliary machinery and equipment. Maintenance of wood grabber the key raw materials of wood grabber are soil stratification, coal, sediment, soil stratification and rock layer after pre loosening. From the development trend of industrial equipment of engineering projects in recent years, the development trend of wood grabbing machine is relatively fast, and wood grabbing machine has long become one of the important industrial equipment of engineering projects in engineering construction.

Smoke handling method of wood grabber:

Milky white smoke is caused by poor atomization or droplets of the diesel pump of the wood grabber, resulting in part of the diesel engine not being ignited; Diesel engine has ice supply; It is difficult to see cracks in the cylinder head and cylinder liner, and the cylinder gasket is damaged, resulting in ice in the main cylinder of the steam body; The temperature of machinery and equipment is too low.

Solution of the manufacturer to dismantle or remove the pressure of the atomizer or the spray nozzle; Clear oil and water in the water storage tank do not need to buy cost-effective fake and shoddy oil; Remove and replace the sealing gasket of cylinder head, cylinder liner and cylinder head; Solve the problem by yourself after running for a period of time.

Treatment method of black smoke from exhaust pipe of wood grabber:

Due to the long-term load operation of the diesel engine, the wood grabber emits black smoke from the exhaust pipe, the carbon deposition in the combustion chamber of the diesel engine is serious, the operation of the diesel pump is abnormal, the oil provided is too late, the ignition is not immediately, the oil provided is too much, and the quality of the diesel engine does not meet the requirements; Cylinder, cylinder liner, piston ring, piston ring and other damaged gases and gases; The air inlet is blocked, resulting in insufficient air inlet and inexhaustible sewage treatment gas.

Common treatment methods: remove the carbon deposit in the engine combustion chamber; Add the diesel pump and adjust the sealing gasket to make the oil advance angle provided meet the requirements; Grind the cylinder, repair or replace the cylinder liner, hydraulic cylinder and piston ring; Adjust the oil quantity provided by the oil pump and replace the product oil that meets the requirements; Remove the air filter and remove the carbon deposit in the muffler

Treatment method of black smoke from exhaust pipe of wood Grabber

The wood grabbing machine emits black smoke from the exhaust pipe, because the automobile oil enters the combustion chamber of the diesel engine to register for the ignition, the piston ring and cylinder liner are not run in, and the automobile oil enters from the gap; The piston ring is bonded in the drying tank, and the curved surface of the piston ring is installed reversely, which lacks the function of oil drainage; The piston ring is damaged too much, and the automobile oil runs into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine from the opening gap; The amount of oil in the oil pan of diesel engine is too high; Too much engine oil for air filtration; The cylinder and plastic hose are damaged and the clearance is too large

Solution: try to run in the diesel engine according to the requirements for new cars or electric locomotives after maintenance, so that all prefabricated components can be meshed normally; Recognize the identification of the assembly line and properly install the piston ring; The wholesale manufacturer of wood grabber accessories shall replace the piston ring with qualified or lifting specifications and models; Find out the reasons for the increase of oil volume in the oil pan of diesel engine, and release the excess automobile oil in the oil pan of diesel engine; Reduce the automobile oil in the filter element oil baffle; Remove and replace the valve guide