Do you know which parts of the wood grabber are made up of?

As the saying goes, a wood grabbing machine is a machine that grabs wood. The size arm of the wood grabbing machine is also called "grabbing arm". Most of it is evolved from Crawler excavators. Its key function is to carry out excavation and loading, unloading, handling and transportation of various strip raw materials. The following side net is compiled for everyone to interpret the components of the wood grabber:

1. Diesel engine.

2. There are two types of transmission: integrated (large planet type) and split (fixed shaft type).

3.. Working gear oil circuit, hydraulic oil filter element, working pump, multi-way valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder and tipping hydraulic cylinder

4. Walking fuel pipe: transmission engine oil pan oil, walking pump, one way into torque converter, one way into gear valve, transmission clutch.

5. There are three pumps on the torque converter. The working pump (supply lifting, anti bucket working pressure oil) steering pump (supply steering working pressure oil) speed regulating pump is also known as walking pump (supply torque converter, transmission working pressure oil). Some models of steering pump are also equipped with main pump (supply control valve as main working pressure oil).

6. Steering fuel pipe: grabber oil tank, steering pump, steady flow valve (or priority valve), steering gear and steering hydraulic cylinder.

7. Driver: rotating shaft, main transfer case, wheel reducer.