Causes of blockage of throttle valve of wood grabber and scheme of cleaning oil tank

Do you know the reason for the throttling blockage of the wood grabber? I firmly believe that everyone is not very good at it. Let's take a look with the wood grabbing machine manufacturer below!

1. Residues in hydraulic oil of wood grabber or collagen fibers dissolved by air oxidation and other wastes are deposited at the throttling gap;

2. Because the hydraulic oil is embrittled or extruded, the electrodeposited molecular structure causing induced electrification is adsorbed to the surface of the gap, resulting in a solid boundary adsorption layer, which endangers the size of the throttling gap. When the deposited and adsorbed materials are raised to a certain thickness, they will be eroded by the flowing liquid, and then attached to the valve port again. In that way, the cycle will produce a pulsating beverage with total flow;

3。 When the valve pressure difference of the wood grabber is very large, it is very easy to cause blockage

I firmly believe that we all know that the oil tank of wood grabber needs to be cleaned frequently, but that is, the oil tank is very difficult to clean. So how should we clean the oil tank of the grab? The wood grabber manufacturer will give you a brief and detailed introduction as follows:

If it is necessary to apply scrubbing raw materials and hammers, the scrubbing raw materials that can not remove chemical fiber residues and the special hammer with vulcanized rubber adhered to the striking surface shall be selected. The hydraulic parts and high-pressure rubber hoses shall be carefully cleaned and gently dried with high-pressure air before assembly. The genuine filter element with intact package shall be used (if the package is damaged, the filter element will not be clean even if it is intact). When installing the filter element, carefully clean the waste from the filter element shell before installing the filter element with engine oil. When disassembling and assembling the oil tank filler cap, filter element cap, inspection hole, high-pressure oil pipe and other parts of the wood grabber, resulting in the exposure of the oil duct of the system software, it is necessary to bypass the dust on the construction site. The disassembly and assembly parts must be completely cleaned before they can be opened. For example, when disassembling the oil filler cap of the oil tank of the hydraulic press, first remove the soil around the oil tank cap, screw off the oil tank cap, and then eliminate the residual dirt at the tight connection part (do not wash with tap water to prevent water from penetrating into the oil tank), and open the oil tank cap after cleaning.