Common root causes of skip gear of wood Grabber

When the speed regulating transmission mechanism is damaged, the transmission mechanism of the wood grabber generally moves radially on the fixed gear sleeve with the help of the drag gear sleeve and engages with the driven transmission gear of each gear to complete the gear shift. In the whole process of regular gear shifting, the inner hole of the transmission gear of each toothed transmission gear is easy to be ground into a conical shape, resulting in the reduction of its meshing characteristics and "gear skipping".

The characteristics of the self-locking mechanism are reduced. In order to avoid the "gear jump" of the transmission, the wood grabber is equipped with bearing steel balls and elastic yellow balls with locking effect in the box cover hole on the shift fork shafts of gears II, III, IV and V of the transmission and in the shift forks of gears I and reverse. When the ductility of the spring yellow that plays the role of positioning locking becomes weak or broken, the locking characteristics of the self-locking mechanism will be reduced until it subsides, resulting in the "gear jump" of the transmission. In addition, if the positioning bearing steel ball or the concave groove on the shift fork shaft is damaged, it can also cause the transmission to "skip".

The gear shifting equipment is not adjusted properly, and the transmission adopts the pedal type human resource shift method. If the shift lever, ordinate, abscissa and vertical fixed screw are loose, the transmission can also "skip".

The external load changes suddenly. Because of the work content of the wood grabber and the design scheme of the equipment itself, the sudden change of the external load will also cause the transmission to "jump gear". The sudden change of this kind of load will be on the gear meshing transmission gear of the transmission according to the effect of the wheel and rotating shaft, so that the gear meshing transmission gear will loosen due to radial torque, resulting in "gear skipping" of the transmission.

The operation steps are not good. When the wood grabber drives on the slope (especially on the downhill road), if the actual operation is not good, it will also cause the transmission to "jump gear".

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