How to deal with the weakness of the gripper during the whole operation of the wood grabber

The wood grabbing machine uses hydraulic press driver to carry out clamping and transportation. It is generally easy to use in mountaintop, farm and other areas. Many wood grabbing machines are refitted according to the needs of long-term technical specialty. After refitting, the adaptability of object transportation is stronger, the efficiency will be greatly improved, and a stronger guarantee can be shown in the coefficient. The application of wood grabbing machine requires strict construction site management to ensure the job responsibilities of the whole process of installation and application of large and medium-sized industrial equipment on the construction site, standardize multi-party production and personal behavior, and avoid and reduce production accidents.

The application of mechanical equipment is the mutual effect of several system software, and the problems of a certain part will endanger the overall operation efficiency.

Check and analyze the following common fault conditions of weak climbing of the wood grabber:

See whether the gear oil quantity is standardized, whether the filter element is blocked, and whether the model of edible oil meets the regulations. If something does not meet the regulations, deal with it first. Then, check whether the water temperature is too high in the whole process of the work. If it is too high, check the gear oil heat pipe heat dissipation system software, find the cause and remove it. Measure the pressure of the weak component in the work, compare it with the index value and distinguish it.

After finding the common fault components, it is not necessary to replace them casually, because some components are not damaged and can still be used again after cleaning; Some still have repair value and can be reused after repair. Therefore, it should be noted that there is no need for urgent repair during fault detection, and it should be considered whether the root cause of common faults is indeed eliminated due to repair.

In addition to removing the causes and replacing parts, it is also necessary to fully consider the existence of metal material slag in each part of the system software and even the automobile fuel tank. If it is not completely cleaned, the equipment may be damaged again. Therefore, before repair, the hydraulic transmission system and automobile oil tank must be completely cleaned, and the gear oil and filter element must be removed and replaced.

In case of common faults or abnormal phenomena in the application of wood grabbing machine, it shall be stopped first, and it can be delivered again after removing common faults and hidden dangers. Only by carefully improving process management and strengthening management according to production laws, regulations, policies and relevant requirements can we ensure the application of large and medium-sized engineering construction hoisting equipment on the construction site and reasonably avoid and reduce production accidents.